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New Ombutel ISO Released 1.0.11

We have released a new ISO for Ombutel version 1.0.11. This means that now the download link in the website will point at this version and you’ll immediately get a more up-to-date version. As we keep moving forward it is always good practice to update the system...

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Elastix, 3CX, Asterisk and Ombutel

OK, so we are getting a lot of questions from people after the latest changes announced in Elastix.  The main theme is:  Can Ombutel replace Elastix as a free open source management interface for Asterisk? The answer is that Ombutel is a full management GUI, faster,...

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Elastix Alternatives – What’s Next?

Elastix recently announced dropping Elastix 4 and Elastix MT, due to a legal dispute.  Later on 3CX and PaloSanto (Elastix) announced that Elastix 5 will be based on 3CX, with the same licensing structure as other 3CX. All previous Elastix versions where based on...

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